The Gerstner Family | Scott Air Force Base Photographer | Scott Lake

I have known Amanda for over a year now. A friend (and a past co-worker), Amanda is such a wonderful individual and has an incredibly beautiful family!  I was blown away when she reached out to schedule a photo session. Due to the not-so-pleasant weather, we had to reschedule the day and time multiple times, which can be frustrating when trying to take into consideration work, kiddos, lighting, etc. We finally settled on one cloudy afternoon and let me tell you… it delivered just the perfect lighting! The photos turned out better than I had envisioned. With the fall colors in the background and one happy family full of laughter, smiles, and love, I could not be more happier with our time together and the final product.

Below are multiple shots from our session together. I wish I could post all of 200+ of them to show off this amazing family even in more detail, but the batch below will give you an idea of how great their photo session turned out.

IMG_3133IMG_3139IMG_3179IMG_3202IMG_3220IMG_3230-2IMG_3243IMG_3279IMG_3304IMG_3340IMG_3371IMG_3384-2IMG_3419IMG_3426IMG_3430IMG_3447IMG_3481IMG_3502-2IMG_3537IMG_3549-2IMG_3559IMG_3566IMG_3570IMG_3599-2IMG_3608IMG_3653You are gorgeous, Amanda!IMG_3654IMG_3672IMG_3675IMG_3693IMG_3708-2IMG_3724IMG_3739IMG_3740IMG_3768IMG_3809IMG_3881-2IMG_3883IMG_3884-2IMG_3891-2IMG_3895IMG_3942IMG_3950


The Bishop Family | Scott Air Force Base Family Photographer | Scott Air Force Base, IL

The Bishop family was such a blast to work with! A family of five plus their cute puppy, Marley, brought me so much laughter last evening. I truly adore their relationship… especially the love that each and every sibling shares for each other. No matter what pose or request I asked of each family member, they all went with the flow – such a great experience that made my job behind the camera so easy.

Often, I get caught up in my job and feel so rushed to ensure there are plenty of perfect shots taken, but somehow with the Bishop family, everything was a breeze and in between short breaks and taking a stroll to different locations, I was able to thoroughly engage with each and every family member (including receiving a little love from Marley).

Below are some of my favorite shots!


One Happy (Growing) Family | West Point Family Photographer | West Point, NY


During one summer in college, I was introduced to a student named Shahin who wanted to gather some information from me about the Czech Republic (the country where I was born) as he was getting ready to travel there to study abroad. Little did I know that that was the beginning of our friendship… that simple meeting on the patio in front of the student center. During our meeting, I kindly asked Shahin to bring me my favorite chocolate back from Europe. A few weeks later, Shahin showed up at my work with not just one chocolate bar, but a full box of them! I could not understand why in the world would this student whom I only met once be so generous and kind to travel back with a heavy box of treats. Over the next remaining college years, Shahin and I became good friends; he was (and still is) like a brother to me… and to this day continues to be generous and kind.

I cannot remember a day when Shahin did not talk about his sweetheart, Maggie, who lived in Virginia while we were all attending college. He would often drive from Georgia up to Virginia to visit her. After meeting Maggie and witnessing their love, I knew these two were meant to be. Fast forward almost nine years and this sweet couple is now a family of seven! I am so honored to have been able to capture their ever-growing family; it all started with a simple engagement photoshoot and the tradition of being their family photographer “stuck” to this day.

Although the military has never sent us to the same duty station, we all try to visit each other as much as possible, which always gives us opportunity for more photos! So far, my husband and I have visited Maggie and Shahin at each and every duty they have been stationed at. During each of our visits, there are more and more photos that we have created pictured on their walls. 🙂 I also try to squeeze myself and my husband into a few photos to keep my own memories. Maybe 40 years from now, we can all look back and reminisce about our great friendship and good times together.

And so below are photos of Shahin and Maggie and their growing family… from the beginning to present.

Note: I have definitely come a long way with my photography skills! Pardon the earliest photos… those were a great practice! 🙂


Engagement Photos – 2009


Visiting Maggie and Shahin in Germany while exploring a few countries together. – 2010


Maggie, Shahin, and their baby #1 visit us at Fort Lee, Virginia. – 2011


Another meet up in Virginia with baby#2 on her way. – 2012

IMG_4791-1Maggie and Shahin and their two cute kiddos come see us in Colorado Springs, CO. Forty toes so far… – 2013


Kevin and I visit Fort Drum, NY… time to meet baby #3! Love is definitely in the air. – 2015


My visit to West Point, NY last November allowed for a great photoshoot! The West Point’s grounds are simply gorgeous during the fall and I must say that our latest photoshoot is my favorite thus far (and that’s why I am including a full session worth of images). 🙂  Two wonderful parents, four amazing kids, and fifth baby on his way (who was actually born just a little over a week ago). 2016


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