I am thankful for… our boxer | Fort Lee pet photographer

My husband and I do not have any children. What we do have is a (almost) three year-old boxer, named Roxy. Somewhere deep deep inside of me, I think our dog is a human. She is loving, enjoys being the center of attention, ALWAYS welcomes us home with a toy in her mouth and so much excitement (as her body almost folds in half!), has so much intelligence that makes me want to go back to school, her puppy eyes are irresistable, and her facial expressions are priceless. She learns quick, and knows what to do even prior to us telling her so. And as if my bragging about her was not enough, I will happily add that she can also understand commands in English and Czech!  I’ve been told boxers are protective dogs, but if anyone ever breaks into our house, they will more than likely be licked to death by Roxy. She’s a miniature boxer with a body of a body-builder (I wish was that toned)!

What I love about our dog is the fact that she always tries to please us and will try to figure out what we are asking of her and what we are talking about. She makes my day everyday and so today, I’m thankful to have her in my life – even despite her attitude and the fact that she is completely spoiled (Soooo not my fault. I swear!) 🙂


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